Zend Server Web API maturity

In January 2012  Zend released it’s Zend Server 5.6 release. Since then their have been some hotfixes, but there were no documented changes to the Web API.

In Zend Server 5.6 version 1.2 of the Zend Server Web API became available. This release marks a more mature API, which can be a valuable asset when monitoring multiple Zend Servers. But maturity is always a relative concept.

In the case of the Zend Server Web API it’s mainly the documentation that is an issue. Let the next remarks be of help for you.

  • The release notes and help index state that Zend Server Web API 1.3 has been released, this must be 1.2
  • The titles of the different API methods pages are often different from the actual uri
  • The method monitorIssuesListByPredefinedFilter is actually called monitorGetIssuesListPredefinedFilter
  • The filterId parameter for the monitorGetIssuesListPredefinedFilter can only be strings, not the id as the document states
  • The monitorGetIssuesListPredefinedFilter method doesn’t return a total result set count. Although limit & offset exist this makes it virtually impossible to create advanced pagination unfortunately.

I found all these issues while working on a console to consume multiple Zend Servers. The code can be found on my GitHub account.

I will update this blog when new issues are found.

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